AC/DC Inverter Welding Machine WSME 250 315 400 500 AC/DC

AC/DC Inverter Welding Machine WSME 250 315 400 500 AC/DC


Rated input voltage (V) AC220/380±15% 3~380±15%
Input frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rated input power (KV/A) 5.5 8.8 10.5 12 18
Rated output voltage (V) 10.8-18 10.8-21.2 10.8-22.8 10.8-24 11.4-28
Rated output current (A) 20-190 20-315 20-350 20-400 35-500
No-load voltage (V) 70 75 80
Starting method High frequency
Continuous load (%) 60
No-load loss (W) 60 65 80
Primary inverter frequency (KHz) 20
Secondary inverter frequency (Hz) 50-150
Efficient(%) 80
Power factor 0.95 0.8
Enclosure rating IP21
Insulation class F
Dimensions (MM) 500 x 240 x 430 600 x 300 x 580 600 x 330 x 730
Outer box size (MM) 580 x 325 x 510 690 x 415 x 620 715 x 440 x 825
Weight (KG) 24 35 36 58
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1. Fast arc starting, can weld a variety of plates

Welding power source has a minimum 5A arc starting, with good arc stabilization performance

Can weld thin, medium and thick plates

2. Combination of technology, high arc starting success rate

The perfect combination of hot arc ignition and high-frequency booster arc ignition

Millisecond arc starting, the arc starting success rate is 99.99%

3. Innovative technology, better function

Using advanced dual modules

High power, enough energy

4. Hearing protection, low noise

Sine wave output

The arc sound is soft and the noise is reduced by 25%

5. Wide range of metal materials suitable for welding

Suitable for welding aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper, titanium, carbon steel and other materials

6. Multiple functions, more diversified choices

AC/DC argon arc welding

AC/DC pulsed argon arc welding

AC spot welding

7. Complete supporting facilities, more peace of mind to use

It can be equipped with a foot switch to help reduce the difficulty of welding

Can be equipped with automatic welding system equipment

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