TIG Welding

Our TIG welding adopts 100KHz frequency converter, which is convenient for arc starting, stable arc, low energy consumption and powerful function.

Intelligent Pulse Argon Arc Welding Machine WS-275M

Internal Structure Diagram


Rated input voltage/frequency 220v±10% 50Hz
Rated input capacity 7.3KVA
Rated input current 33.1A
Rated load duration 100%
DC constant current Welding current 5-210 A
DC pulse Peak current 210A
Base current 5A
Pulse duty cycle 10~90%
Pulse frequency 0.1-99 Hz
Argon arc welding TIG Arcing current 5-210 A
Arc closing current 5-210 A
Current ramp-up time 0.1~10 S
Current decay time 0.1~10 S
Aspiration time in advance 0.1~3 S
Delay time of gas stop 0.5~20 S
Arc closing current working mode 4T
TIG ignition method high frequency
Hand arc welding Welding current 20-210 A
Cold welding Welding time 1~500 MS
Interval time 200~990 MS
Torch cooling method Air-cooled
Enclosure rating IP21
Insulation class F
Our engineer can write the source code of the welding machine to develop new functions according to the needs of customers. Learn More


1. Complete functions, select on demand


DC pulse TIG

ARC welding

Cold welding

2. Rich panels and easy operation

The operation panel has a reasonable layout and rich content

Easy to operate, all keys can be precisely adjusted with one key

Greatly save work preparation time

3. Easy to arc

Hand arc welding has the function of adjusting the arc current and force current

4. Anti-sticking control

Using a new generation of anti-sticking technology to efficiently solve problems such as arc welding rod workpieces

5. Small size, easy to carry

Lighter weight, smaller size, easy to move

6. All parameters can be preset accurately

Precisely adjust the current to rise and fall slowly

Precise adjustment of pulse frequency and duty cycle

Precisely adjust the time of advance air delivery and delayed air stop

7. Cold welding characteristics

The welding and interval time of cold welding can be adjusted

8. Wide application industries

Petrochemical, nuclear power, electric power construction

Ship, bicycle

Pipe installation, pressure vessel

9. Great anti-interference performance

The welding machine is good at anti-interference. It won't flash the screen and jump around

10. Welding special electrodes

Our WS-275M pulse TIG/MMA welding machine can weld all special electrodes, especially E7018 low hydrogen heat resistant steel electrode and Boho fox cel E6010 cellulose electrode

The Welding Effect Of Different Electrodes

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