AC/DC Inverter Welding Machine TIG-630 800 1000

AC/DC Inverter Welding Machine TIG-630 800 1000


Model TIG-630 TIG-800 TIG-1000
Rated input voltage (V) 3~380±15%
Input frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rated input power (KV/A) 25.1 42.8 54
Rated output voltage (V) 11.4-32 12-40 12-42
Rated output current (A) 35-630 45-800 45-1000
No-load voltage (V) 80
Starting method High frequency
Continuous load (%) 60
No-load loss (W) 80 100
Primary inverter frequency (KHz) 20
Secondary inverter frequency (Hz) 50-150
Efficient(%) 80 75
Power factor 0.8 0.75
Enclosure rating IP21
Insulation class F
Dimensions (MM) 700 x 420 x 830 700 x 400 x 900 700 x 400 x 900
Outer box size (MM) 855 x 515 x 865 800 x 520 x 975 800 x 520 x 975
Weight (KG) 75 95 98
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1. Suitable for welding a variety of metal materials

DC arc welding is suitable for welding stainless steel, copper, titanium, carbon steel materials

AC argon arc welding is suitable for welding brass, aluminum and aluminum alloy materials

2. Fast arc starting, can weld a variety of specifications of plates

Welding power source has a minimum 5A arc starting, with good arc stabilization performance

Can weld thin, medium and thick plates

3. One machine, multiple uses

AC/DC argon arc welding

AC/DC pulsed argon arc welding

AC spot welding

4. The arc starts in milliseconds, and the welding seam is beautiful

The perfect combination of hot arc ignition and high-frequency booster arc ignition, the arc ignition success rate is 99.99%

Reliable high-frequency arc starting, beautiful welding shape

5. The panel design is reasonable and the operation is convenient

Panel switches and knobs are neatly arranged, clear and intuitive

Easy to operate, improve work efficiency

6. Innovative technology, better function

Using advanced dual modules

High power, enough energy

7. High efficiency and energy saving, low noise

Adopt advanced and innovative technology, high efficiency and energy saving

Sine wave waveform output, soft arc sound, 25% noise reduction

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