How to flat weld V-grooved plate butt joint with tungsten argon arc welding machine

22 Nov 2021

There are many types of joints for argon tungsten arc welding, such as five basic types: butt joint, lap joint, corner joint, T-joint and termination. Termination joints are only used when welding thin plates. The shape and size of the groove depends on the material, thickness and work requirements of the workpiece. The welding of the butt position of the V-shaped groove plate mainly includes flat welding and vertical welding. Today, we will explain the flat welding of the butt position of the V-shaped groove plate of the argon tungsten arc welding machine.

First, let's talk about the pre-welding preparation for the welding practice explanation of the V-shaped groove plate butt butt welding position. The first one is the size and requirements of the test piece: the material of the test piece is 300mmx100mmx8mm Q235 steel plate, and the bevel angle is 60°+5°. Clean up the greasy dirt and rust within 20mm of the groove and its sides until the metallic luster is exposed. The workpiece size and assembly requirements are shown in Figure 1. Second, welding requirements: single-sided welding and double-sided forming. The third, welding material: use ф2.5mm H08Mn2SiA welding wire, the welding wire is not allowed to have corrosion. The electrode is a φ2.0mm cerium tungsten electrode, and the argon passivity is 99.99%. Fourth, welding polarity: DC positive connection. Fifth, pre-welding inspection: Before welding, carefully check whether the wiring of the welding machine is correct, firm and reliable, and debug the welding parameters as required. At the same time, check whether the argon arc welding water-cooling and air-cooling system is blocked or leaking. If any fault is found, it should be solved immediately. Sixth, tack welding: tack welding 10~15mm at both ends of the groove, and the weld joint end is pre-polished into a slope, and prefabricated anti-deformation, as shown in Figure 2-1. The welding parameters of the butt butt welding position of the V-shaped groove plate are shown in Figure 2-2.

Then talk about the operation points and precautions of the welding practice explanation of the V-shaped groove plate butt butt welding position. The first one, bottom welding: ignite the arc at the welding seam at the initial welding end, instantly stretch the arc 4~6mm, and preheat the opening for 4~5s. Then lower the arc to 2~3mm to form a molten pool and start wire feeding after a molten hole appears. The angle of welding wire, welding gun and weldment is shown in Figure 3-1. The movement of the welding torch should be stable, and the wire feeding should be even. At the same time, it is necessary to closely observe the changes in the molten pool to prevent weld bumps and dents on the back of the weld. Second, fill welding: the operation method of fill welding is basically the same as that of bottom welding. When welding, make a zigzag horizontal swing in a circular arc. Slightly larger amplitude, stay on both sides of the groove for 1~2s to ensure good fusion on both sides, and then move forward. After the filling welding is completed, it should be 1.5~2mm lower than the surface of the weldment, as shown in Figure 3-2, to prevent the edge of the groove from melting, which may cause the weld bead deviation and undercut defects during the welding of the cover layer. The third, cover welding: the operation method of cover welding is basically the same as that of fill welding. During welding, increase the lateral swing of the welding torch to ensure that both sides of the molten pool exceed the edge of the groove by 0.5~1.0mm. At this time, it should be noted that when the welding torch moves forward, the distance between the two nodes should be controlled not to be too large (see Figure 4-1) , So as not to produce unfused or undercut. The welder should observe that the shape of the molten pool remains elliptical at all times, and meet the weld reinforcement by controlling the wire filling speed and welding speed (see Figure 4-2).

Practical explanation is the most convincing. Through the practical explanation of V-grooved plate butt flat welding position welding, we can further understand how to weld V-grooved plate by argon tungsten arc welding, and truly master the welding skills. The intelligent pulse argon arc welding machine WS-275M produced by our Kingsiri will make it easier for you to get the welding effect you want, easy to operate, and save working time. It is very worthy of your own!

The intelligent pulse argon arc welding machine WS-275M produced by our Kingsiri has the following advantages: the first one, complete functions, and selection on demand. DC argon arc welding, DC pulse argon arc welding, arc welding, cold welding. Second, the panel is rich and easy to operate. The operation panel has a reasonable layout, rich content, and simple operation. All keys can be precisely adjusted with one key, which greatly saves work preparation time. The third one is easy to arc. Hand arc welding has the function of adjusting arc current and force current. The fourth one is anti-sticking control. Adopt a new generation of anti-sticking technology to efficiently solve the problems of arc welding electrode workpieces. Sixth, it is small in size and easy to carry. The weight is lighter, the volume is smaller, and the movement is convenient. Seventh, all parameters can be accurately preset. Precisely adjust the slow rise and fall of current, pulse frequency and duty cycle, advance air supply and delay air stop time. Seventh, cold welding characteristics. The welding and interval time of cold welding are adjustable. Eighth, strong anti-interference ability. The welding machine has strong anti-interference ability, it will not flicker and jump around. The ninth one is a special electrode for welding. Our WS-275M pulse TIG/MMA welding machine can weld all special electrodes, especially E7018 low-hydrogen heat-resistant steel electrodes and Boho fox cel E6010 cellulose electrodes.

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Originally published 22 Nov 2021, updated 22 Nov 2021.

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