Classification of welding machine

27 Sep 2021

welding machine, an advanced welded technology used in different field, can be classified into several main different varieties, such as arc welding, argon arc welding, Carbon dioxide welding, cold welding, laser welding, and electro slag welding. It is the useful machine in combining the materials together under the high temperature electric arc.

First of all, let’s talk about the arc welding. It can be said that it is the most common welding technology in modern society. Mostly, the arc welding uses the burning electric as heat source between the electrode and the material. When it becomes the splice, you can adopt the way of filler metal or not. As we can see in many different industries, the arc welding is widely used in connecting two materials together. Just like the automobile industry, display racks business and many more. With such kind of advanced technology, the production is more convenient in our modern society.

Secondly, argon arc welding is a machine using high voltage to attain arc effect. To remember, argon arc welding can be divided into two categories. One is consumable electrode argon arc welding machine and the other is non-consumable electrode argon. It must be sure that the machine must be operated by professional staff. However, Carbon dioxide welding is also welcomed for people’s modern production. This kind of welding machine is suitable for the low-carbon steel and the low alloy steel. It has the advantage of high efficiency and low cost of production. Also, when you start turning on the welding machine, the area of hot effect is small and it is helpful for you to shape the perfect appearance. What’s more, cold welding machine is also called ESD in the international range. It is suitable for the aluminous material and the cuprum material. But you have to protect yourself when you start to work on this kind of welding machine.

Besides, laser welding is also another special welding machine. It uses the focal light beam as energy to burn the material to produce heat, which can attain the aim of welding. Due to the laser has the peculiarity of refraction and focusing, the laser welding is welcomed by the subminiature accessory. Certainly, the laser welding also has the feature of the low heat input, high integrity when welding. But meanwhile, for the reason that the laser machine is expensive and other reasons, laser welding isn’t used widely. If you are occupied in the welding business, you must know there is also another kind of welding technology called electro slag welding. It uses the resistance heat when the electricity comes to the slag as heat resource. Then it melts the filler metal and the material to curdle materials.

To be honest, when it comes to the railway track, welding machine is also used commonly. Luo Yuhang, a professional technical staff who is occupied with the rail welding, he had won many prizes since 2016. It is reported that he worked for the Chinese railway in Zhengzhou business. With his professional welding technology and the advanced welding machine, he finished the connection of two steel rails perfectly in 130 seconds. It is the advanced welding machine and the technology which helps to attain such high standard.

From what have been discussed above, we can conclude that there are some different kinds of welding machine used in different fields. With such technology, the production is more convenient for daily use. Without hesitation, people are fond of the production which is precise and perfect enough. So the technical staff is trying hard to attain this requirement in modern society. After all, where there is need, there is market.

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Originally published 27 Sep 2021, updated 27 Sep 2021.

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