Innovative welding technology of welding machine-digital pulsed DC arc welding

23 Sep 2021

As a processing technology, welding technology plays a vital role in the machinery industry. In modern industry, welding technology is not only applied to mold manufacturing, decoration engineering, manufacturing and installation, kitchen equipment, but also widely used in aerospace, aviation, shipbuilding, marine structures, pressure boilers, chemical containers and other fields. Therefore, traditional welding technology can no longer meet the rapid development of modern industry. The welding process used must ensure that the welding quality meets the technical requirements of product design. At the same time, it can also increase welding productivity, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve labor conditions. It is the welding technology of innovative welding machine-digital pulsed DC arc welding.

The welding technology of the traditional welding machine has many disadvantages, and the operation process and welding effect are often not satisfactory. Traditional inverter DC arc welding machines have constant current characteristics. Due to different welding techniques, certain defects such as cracks, pores, slag inclusions, incomplete penetration, and incomplete fusion will appear in welding. The existence of these defects will reduce the strength of the component, cause stress concentration, damage the tightness of the weld, and cause damage to the welded structure. In order to obtain high-standard welding technology and high-quality welds, traditional welding machines must be senior technicians or welders for several years or even decades. The spatter in the welding process is also very large, which will produce high temperature, strong light and some toxic and harmful gases to human health, and also cause inevitable waste to the welding rod itself. This brings great challenges to many companies and welders.

Innovative welding machine welding technology-the invention of pulsed DC arc welding is to solve the shortcomings and shortcomings of traditional welding machine welding technology. The welding technology of this innovative welding machine is digital pulsed DC arc welding, which is different from the welding technology of the traditional welding machine and has absolute advantages. It is a new welding technology that is further improved and innovated for the existing problems and deficiencies in the current welding machine products and welding technology process. In view of the characteristics of the above-mentioned traditional inverter DC arc welding machine, substantial changes have been made in the welding machine characteristics, which completely solves the need for professional technical welders for high-standard craftsmanship and high-quality welds. The pulse function is added to the original welding machine control mode, only the welding current is set, the base current is automatically matched, and the constant current characteristics of the welding machine are changed, making the spatter smaller than the traditional inverter DC arc welding machine, saving welding materials , The welding seam is formed more beautifully, and the fish scale pattern is automatically generated. The technologically improved welding machine can complete high-standard welding processes and high-quality welds without the need for professional welders, and because the spatter is smaller, it effectively reduces weld slag and pores and saves welding materials.

Comprehensive analysis and comparison show that the welding machine using innovative technology greatly reduces the dependence on professional welders. Even people who have never used a welding machine can weld better and more beautiful fish-scale welds than advanced welders. Not only reduces the requirements for welders, but also greatly improves the welding yield rate. In the welding process, there is less spatter, which saves welding materials and reduces the toxic and harmful gases to human health, making the welding work safer and more assured. Choosing to use the welding technology of innovative welding machine-digital pulsed DC arc welding, will get a better welding experience and higher quality welding effect!

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Originally published 23 Sep 2021, updated 23 Sep 2021.

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