How to weld and DIY make a small bending tool

20 Jan 2022

This is a small metal bending tool. A bearing, a piece of metal square tube, two metal sheets, and two metal rods are all components of this metal bending tool. This is a small bending tool made of bearings and metal welding. It is simple to make, the finished product is convenient and practical, and it is sturdy and durable.


Metal square tube, Sheet metal, Metal rod, Bearing


ZX7-320 kingsiri welding machine, Bench vise, Angle grinder, Glue pliers


1. Using an angle grinder and glue pliers, grind the two pieces of metal into a shape that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom

2. Using a welding machine, weld the two pieces of metal into the bearing

3. Using an angle grinder, sand the short strip of metal rod and bearing smooth

4. Use a welding machine to weld a short metal rod around the bearing

5. Using a welding machine, weld a long metal rod to the periphery of the bearing, at a 90-degree angle to the short metal rod

6. Use a welding machine to weld the metal square tube to the bottom of the bearing

7. This metal bending gadget is finished

8. Use a bench vise to fix the bending tool on it, you can bend different shapes of metal

Keywords: welding machine

Originally published 20 Jan 2022, updated 20 Jan 2022.

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