How much do you know about electrode arc welding

01 Nov 2021

First of all, we need to know, what is arc welding with electrodes? Electrode arc welding is the abbreviation of coated electrode arc welding. It is an arc welding method in which welding electrodes are manually operated. It uses the arc heat burned between the electrode and the workpiece to melt the end of the electrode and the part of the workpiece, and it melts quickly at the end of the electrode. The metal is transferred to the partly melted metal of the workpiece with a small droplet through the arc column, and is fused with it to form a molten pool. In the welding process of thewelding machine, the welding core is an electrode of the welding arc. As the filler metal is melted, it becomes a component of the weld; the gas and slag generated during the melting of the coating not only make the molten pool and the air around the arc It is isolated, and has a series of metallurgical reactions with the melted core and base metal, so that the molten pool metal is cooled and crystallized to form a welding seam that meets the requirements. Electrode arc welding is one of the earliest and most commonly used fusion welding methods among various arc welding methods.

So what are the advantages of electrode arc welding? Let's count it down below. The first advantage is that the equipment used is relatively simple, relatively inexpensive and light. The AC and DC welding machines used in electrode arc welding are relatively simple, and the welding operation does not require complicated auxiliary equipment, only simple auxiliary tools. Therefore, not only the investment in purchasing equipment is low, but also the maintenance is convenient, which is one of the reasons for its wide application. The second advantage is that no auxiliary gas protection is required. Welding rod can not only provide filler metal, but also can generate protective molten pool and shielding gas to avoid oxidation during welding, and has strong wind resistance. The third advantage is flexible operation and strong adaptability. Electrode arc welding is suitable for welding single or small batch products, short and irregular, arbitrary positions in space, and other welds that are not easy to achieve mechanized welding. Welding can be carried out wherever the electrode can reach. The fourth advantage is that it has a wide range of applications. Electrode arc welding is suitable for the welding of most industrial metals and alloys. Choosing a suitable electrode can not only weld carbon steel, low alloy steel, but also high alloy steel and non-ferrous metals; it can not only weld the same kind of metal and dissimilar metals. , It can also be used for repairing cast iron welding and surfacing welding of various metal materials.

Everything has two sides. After talking about its advantages, let's talk about its shortcomings. The disadvantages of electrode arc welding are as follows: First, it has high requirements for welders' operating technology and high welder training costs. The welding quality of electrode arc welding depends on the selection of suitable electrodes, welding parameters and welding equipment, and is mainly guaranteed by the welder's operating technology and experience, that is, the welding quality of electrode arc welding depends to a certain extent on the welder's operating technology. Therefore, welder training must be conducted frequently, which requires a high cost of training. The second is poor working conditions. Electrode arc welding mainly relies on the welder's manual operation and eye observation to complete the whole welding process. Therefore, the welder's labor intensity is high, and the welder is always in a high-temperature baking and toxic smoke environment. The working conditions are relatively poor, and labor protection needs to be strengthened. The third is low production efficiency. Electrode arc welding is mainly operated manually, and the range of welding parameters is relatively small. In addition, welding requires frequent replacement of welding rods and cleaning of weld bead slag. Compared with automatic welding, welding productivity is low. Fourth, it is not suitable for welding special metals and thin plates. For active metals and refractory metals, since these metals are very sensitive to oxygen pollution, the protective effect of the electrode is not sufficient to prevent oxidation of these metals, and the protective effect is not good enough, resulting in insufficient welding quality, so electrode arc welding cannot be used; For low melting point metals, because the temperature of the arc is too high, it cannot be welded with electrode arc welding. In addition, the thickness of the welding workpiece for electrode arc welding is generally above 1.5mm, and the thin plate below 1mm is not suitable for electrode arc welding.

From this, we can fully understand the principle, advantages and disadvantages of electrode arc welding, so as to master more welding technology knowledge about welding machines, and be more handy in welding operations, and weld more ideal welding results, showing more perfect Of welds.

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Originally published 01 Nov 2021, updated 01 Nov 2021.

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