Application of different welding machines in various fields

07 Oct 2021

With the rapid development of welding technology, the application of welding and cutting equipment in some industries is also striving for excellence. Due to the increasing development and wide application of industrial automation, intelligence, digitalization and other technologies, the welding equipment industry has increased from the previous electric power, nuclear power, automobile, shipbuilding, container, etc., to high-end manufacturing industries such as aerospace engineering, power generation equipment, and power equipment.Let's talk about the application of several representative welding machine in different industries.

First of all, let's talk about precision spot welders. In recent years, the stable welding quality and high thermal efficiency of precision spot welders have resonated in many industries. In the battery industry, the processing processes such as battery nickel sheets, battery tabs, and battery lead-out sheets improve accuracy and precision by controlling the output current and controlling the power cycle; in the automobile and motorcycle accessories industry, the terminals and copper in the automobile and motorcycle accessories Welding of wafers, nickel wafers and automobile connecting wires. The precision spot welding machine makes the wiring harness more precise, higher work efficiency, and better spot welding quality; in the electronic and electrical component processing industry, the silver contacts and soft wires on various switches It is not easy to damage the wires and the pins of various electronic components between soft wires, copper wires and resistance pins, so as to obtain higher quality welding results. Not only that, spot welding machines are also used in daily necessities hardware, jewelry industry, home appliance industry, screen industry, fence industry, etc.

Then talk about the laser welding machine. The laser welding machine has a wide range of applications, and a variety of dissimilar metals can be perfectly welded without polluting the material and saving costs. In the manufacturing industry, the CO2 laser welding machine replaces flash butt welding for the connection of rolled steel coils in the steel industry, and the welding and fusion welding of ultra-thin foils below 100 microns is successful; in the field of powder metallurgy, powder metallurgy materials are used for connection The middle bonding strength is high, the heat affected zone is small, which can improve the welding strength and high temperature resistance; in the electronics industry, welding integrated circuits, semiconductor device shell packaging, vacuum device development, elastic thin-walled corrugations in sensors and thermostats Laser welding fusion welding is not easy to weld through and has good stability; in the automotive industry, the automotive industry has large batches and high automation, and large-scale production lines use high-strength steel laser welding assembly parts. Not only that, laser welding machines are also widely used in sanitary ware, glasses, hardware, medical, communications and other industries.

Finally, let’s talk about the ultrasonic welding machine. It is an economical, efficient and environmentally friendly new process and new technology. It almost completely overcomes the shortcomings of traditional welding methods. It has the advantages of short time, low energy consumption, no damage to the workpiece, and high efficiency. In the packaging and processing industry, ultrasonic welding is an out-and-out good helper for the sealing of welding hoses, special strapping, air filter bags, water treatment polypropylene filter bags, and the sealing of corrugated containers; in the textile industry, welding clothes Lace, bed covers, pillowcases, masks, backpacks, handbags and other non-woven products, the welding effect stands out; in the metal application industry, welding thyristor leads, fuse pieces, electrical leads, lithium battery pole pieces, and tabs In the auto parts industry, welding of window motors, built-in audio, foot pads, door panels, bumpers, brake fluid cups, etc.; in addition, ultrasonic welding is also used in household appliances, consumables, communications, accessories and other industries.

In general, different welding machines have different applications in different industries. Through understanding, you can know exactly what kind of welding machine is needed for processing what items. The representative welding machines, such as precision spot welding machine, laser welding machine and ultrasonic welding machine, are in line with the fast-developing new welding era.

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Originally published 07 Oct 2021, updated 07 Oct 2021.

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