Pulse MMA/ARC Welding Machine ZX7-315

Pulse MMA/ARC Welding Machine ZX7-315

Internal Structure Diagram


Rated input voltage (V) AC220V±15% 50/60Hz AC380V±15% 50Hz
Rated output power (KW) 4.9 5.6
Rated input current (A) 44A 31.2A
Rated output 180A/27.2V 200A/28V
Welding current adjustment range (A) 20-315A
No-load voltage (V) 78
Rated load duration 100%
Overall efficiency (%) 85
Power factor 0.7
Shell protection level IP21
Insulation class F
Dimensions (mm) 335 x 130 x 280
Net weight (KG) 5.9
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1. Smart boot

The impact of the welding machine on the power grid is small when it is turned on

Automatically detect input current voltage and output voltage

True smart soft start

2. ARC force control

In the welding process, it can effectively improve the arc penetration force, and the penetration depth is deeper

3. Smart fan

Strong heat dissipation

Adjustable wind speed

Power saving and energy saving

4. Extraordinary design

Strongly replace the traditional inverter DC manual electric welding machine

Full load welding can achieve 100% duty cycle under 40℃ environment.

The duty cycle of full load welding can reach 120% at 30℃.

Effectively improve work efficiency

5. Hot start

Especially suitable for low-carbon steel J422, alkaline (J427, J506, J507, etc.) electrodes that are easy to start arcing

Easy to start arc

6. Pulse manual welding

Welding spatter is significantly smaller than ordinary manual welding

The quality of welds is significantly improved

7. 32-bit microcontroller

The program has better computing power

The whole machine is more stable

8. Comes with anti-sticking control

Using a new generation of anti-sticking technology

Effectively solve the problem of arc welding rod sticking to the workpiece

9. Breakthrough in the application of manual pulse technology

Pulse arc automatically advances the electrode rhythmically

Welders with 0 experience can also weld beautiful fish-scale welds

10. Intelligent anti-sticking, intelligent arc ignition

The current output is automatically cut off when the electrode sticks, and the electrode can be easily removed

11. Multi-core check protection

When the machine encounters a fault, it will automatically protect the machine and display the fault code

Each code is clear and clear, and the problem can be found quickly

12. Welding special electrodes

Our pulse MMA welding machine can weld all special electrodes, especially E7018 low hydrogen heat resistant steel electrode and Boho fox cel E6010 cellulose electrode

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